lørdag 24. mars 2012

Behind the scenes of the "Flour Bomb"-series

So here are the behind the scenes-shots from wednesday. 
Yet again I feel like underlining all the wonderful people I've been working with. They are all amazing and it was really great working with them all!

A little sneakshot through the mirror while waiting for the hair and makeup to get ready

Pil working on the makeup for Josefine

A shot of Julie earlier that day, when trying to figure out the flour (which was the original idea, but whom we went away from in the end)

Julie also got the job to document a bit while we were shooting. Here are the models at work.

I just had to have a proof of the height-difference of me and the models. This was pretty trippy and funny!

Pil working on the models while I'm checking out the pictures taken. In concentration-mode as you might notice.

And the last one where we are all in action.

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