torsdag 23. august 2012

Alien II

Finally the big project is done! It did absolutely not end up as expected, but that's the beauty of artistic work, isn't it - watching it all grow while working on it.
Now here are some well deserved credits:

Model: Merethe R.G. - Trend Models
Stylist: Emilia Winsnes
MUA: Cecilie Alstad Olsen - GlitterGirlC
Costume designer/Sower: Siril E. Heitmann Tronseth

Also thanks to Yngve for being a male model even though those images didn't make the final cut. And Marie for taking the behind the scenes-pictures (which will come later on).
This was a great team and I am thankful for all the participants for joining me on this ridiculous project of mine which turned out pretty great in the end.

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