onsdag 20. februar 2013

Hello again world!
This next month will be fast and furious. I have decided to do everything in my power to triple (!) up the quality of my portfolio in only a month to have the best one I can get before searching for an assistant-job in nothing less than London. It will be hard and I know I'm gonna have to fight to get something, so therefore I'll start the fighting early on and prepare myself as best as I can.

This is a picture from a shoot I had with Siril on thursday. She makes costumes and wanted some pictures of some of them, and of course I voluntered! It was four costumes with four different looks, which I shot completely different to not only keep the costumes separated with a "one of a kind-look", but also so I could challenge myself the most. The three other costumes needs a redo just because I want it to be better, so we'll meet up again on sunday for a second try. The more you try, the better it gets you know!

So wish me luck and I hope you enjoy the pictures that will be coming up these next weeks.

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