onsdag 5. juni 2013

London 2013

So last week I was in London, mostly to visit my best friend who lives there, but also to collaborate on a shoot with a lovely girl named Olivia.
Randomly enough, we came in contact with eachother via Instagram. I loved her outfits and found her style super-exciting, and when I looked her up I found out she runs an online clothing store and lives in England. Then it was straight to the computer to write her an e-mail asking to collaborate with me. And surely she thought that was a fun idea. So last week we met up and walked around all over London central and took pictures. And had occational coffee-breaks inbetween. It was super-fun and the result is something completely different from what I've done before - something I find extremely refreshing!

So I can't wait to start editing these bad boys, and eventually show you guys. I should do this more often, it's so much fun!

 Yeah, the weather wasn't all that, the rain just wouldn't stop until the end of the shoot.

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