mandag 1. juli 2013


Another shoo I did yesterday, is forming into something very beautiful. A little bit more girly than what I usually do, but they are meant for Runa and her collection of dresses (it was supposed to be just a lookbook-shoot, but I made it into something a lot more just cause I had to use this while I could). So loads of dresses equals loads of girly pictures. But it was really fun doing a boy-and-girl-model-shoot (first time actually)! And I love love loved the models. They are absolutely stunning both of them, so I can't wait to show the pictures to you. 

Dress: Runa Bergitte Sødal
Model: Mette Rostad, Trend Models
MUA: Tora Benedicte Svare Leinan
Assistant: Even Wold Sund
Assistant/Model: Øyvind Øien Hoem

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