tirsdag 16. juli 2013

The Brilliant Red

Finally the pictures from the shoot with Runa and her dresses are done! It took me a while to make these right (as usual, I think I see a pattern here), and because of travel, birthday (Yay, I'm older) and other daily stuff, it just didn't go as quick as it usually does. Anyway, they are finished now, and I really am in love with them. A tad bit more girly than what I usually do, but I guess it's all right to do girly stuff once in a while. 

By the way, you should really check out Runa's facebook-page where she's posting and selling her dresses! The talent on that girl is amazing! 
->> The Brilliant Red <<-  (Cute name on the label, right?)
Anyway, all the lookbook-pictures on her page is also what we did that day. Maybe I'll post one of them later, we'll see!


Models: Mette Rostad and Øyvind Øien Hoem, Trend Models
Designer: Runa Bergitte Sødal, The Brilliant Red
MUA: Tora Benedicte Svare Leinan
Assistant: Even Wold Sund

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